"The Hurt Locker" - A Movie Review by Benny Sierra Roman

March 28, 2010
Do you remember the war movies of the 80’s? Remember how they used to glorify the soldier? Remember how war looked so cool because only the “meant to die” good guys where the ones that died, and the bad guys always die at the end, and the hero always looked great as the big damn hero he was shown to be? 

Well, this is not that kind of movie. This is as real as a war movie as a real war can get, you don’t know if the next mission will be the last, when a character can find the fuse to deactivate a bomb you get just as frustrated as he gets. There is no glory in these soldiers; they are humans just as any of us. I understand why this movie won. Yes it lacks a lineal story because most of the time is spend of missions instead of developing deepness in the characters, but is a war movie so the deepness of the characters has to be found in situations typical to a war. The war junkie who is happier killing people than playing ball with his kid, the young soldier who thought it would be fun to join the military and then found himself in the middle of a war, the natural leader that everyone respect, the trigger happy bastard that everyone wants dead. These are the characters you find on a real battlefield, these are the characters you find in this movie.

The Hurt Locker is kind of slow for a war movie, but has great action scenes and the tension is ever present in every mission (you never know who’s gonna blow), and it lacks a strong storyline but it is a great movie to watch and entertaining as hell. I’ll give it 4 out of 5 Bomb Fuses because I had so much fun watching it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


"The Spectre" - Movie Review by Benny Sierra Roman

March 4, 2010
As part of the DC Universe Original Animated Movie, “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths” DVD there is a new short story in what they're calling their "DC Showcase" series. This first one features the Spectre. 

The Spectre is not your typical DC Comics’ character. He is God’s vengeance on earth; he punishes sinners in an “Old Testament” way (An eye for an eye, a death for a death) He will not bargain, he will not negotiate, you killed, he’ll kill you. That is the Spectre.

This mo...

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Benny Sierra Roman

March 4, 2010

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