Welcome To "The Film Addicts" Movie Reviews!!!

 Movie Reviews by fans of cinema who "tell it like it is"!

What you won't find is any pandering to filmmakers here. What you will find is reviews from the heart.

If a movie is great, we'll gladly sing it's praises.

BUT, if a movie is terrible, we'll warn you to avoid it like the plague!

We pull no punches!

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 About us...

We're The Film Addicts. Three friends who met online thanks to our love of movies. With all four being fans of the now defunct T.V. show, "Movie Mob", we decided to make our own views on movies to other movie lovers, so we created "The Film Addicts Movie Reviews". We have no "assigned" movies to see and review. We review any and every movie we see. Our reviews range from movies currently running in theaters to movies from every era; 1920s to today.

All four of us have varying interests and taste in movies, so nearly every genre of movies will be covered. 

 Upcoming Movie Trailer of the Week:

           "Resident Evil: Afterlife"

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